PHP Tips


PHP is a programming language developed with built-in web means. Improving the speediness of web applications can be tiresome, using a lot of resources. Nonetheless, the addition of recent language features in PHP 7 has made it simple. Thus, programmers can use the up to date version of the generally used server –side script language. This, without much effort, increases the loading speed of websites. More so, for future maintenance and update of web applications, the web developers need to have their eyes on the ease of use and understanding of the PHP code.To write a Clean and sustainable PHP code that is reusable the following tips are helpful:

Exploit the Native Functions

This eliminates the need to write extra codes and custom functions when dealing with different tasks. To achieve this however, programmers need to exploit the PHP built-in functions. Here, by referring to the PHP user manual, developers can gather information on native function and their usage. This will help them in maintaining a clean and readable application code.

Evaluating related functions

Apart from making the PHP code clean and readable, there is need to bear in mind two factors here. First are the differences in the execution speed of individual PHP functions. Secondly, some PHP functions require more resources than others do. This gives birth to the need for comparism of related PHP functions.

By comparing them, the developer can choose the ones with no negative effect on the performance of web applications, while also consuming fewer resources. An example could be choosing isset over strlen . Isset is faster and always valid irrespective of existing variables. It helps determine the length of a string.

Collect Major PHP Scripts

There is also the need for programmers to bear in mind the time it takes to execute script. It varies from one server to the other. For example, the HTML page of Apache web server is faster than that of PHP scripts. Furthermore, when there is a page request it recollects the PHP script. However, by caching most scripts the programmers can eliminate the recollecting process. There is also the additional choice to make use of a range of caching tools to reduce the time of collecting scripts. Programmers, for example, can use Memcache. It collects volumes of scripts while reducing interactions of database.

Implement Code Conditions for Ternary Operator

It is general practice to make use of If/Else assertions. This requires the developers writing extra codes for these If/Else assertions. Avoiding the task of writing extra code helps if there is use of ternary operator. This eliminates the need for If/Else assertions. By the use of ternary operator, programmers can maintain a clean code, free of clutters. Hence, they will condition the written codes in one line.

Ensuring readable and sustainable code

Most times, it is difficult for programmers to understand and change codes written by others. Thus, it requires more time to capably keep and update PHP applications. By making a concise description of the use and value of every snippet code, programmers make the application simple to maintain and update. When comments are added to code snippets it makes it easy for potential developers to amend the codes.

Choose JSON Over XML

There is always the choice between XML and JSON. However, json encode and json decode are native PHP functions programmers can capitalize on while working on web services. This is a quicker and more organised way. Some use the XML form of data when parsed with the use of standard term instead of DOM application

Pass References in Place of Value to Functions

Competent PHP programmers do not state new classes and processes just when they become vital. The skilled programmers search for reusable ways of classes and methods throughout the code. There is also the knowledge that to manipulate functions, some pass references in place of values. The passing of references helps avoid additional overhead. However, it is vital to guarantee that logic is unaffected whilst passing reference to functions.

Error Reporting Should Be Turned on

This happens in the development mode. In the course of the development process, any errors identified gives room for the developer to repair it. To fix coding flaws there is need for extra time and endeavour. This also applies to issues uncovered when it is tested. The error report is simply set to E_ ALL. This reveals little and key errors in the PHP code during the development process. Even so, as the application alters from development to production mode, the turning off of the error reporting option is critical.

Change the Quotes from Single to Double

Programmers can use single or double quotes. Single quotes however, improve PHP application performance as well as the execution speed of loops. It advances the efficient printing of longer information lines. Changes are though, made in the PHP code when using single quotes.

Shun from Using Wildcards in Structured Query Language (SQL)

Wildcards or * are frequently used to keep SQL queries together and clear-cut. However, with the database of huge column numbers, wildcards usage has an effect on the performance of web application. There is need for the programmers to be specific in their required columns. This keeps data secure while reducing the resources consumed in the SQL query.

Data Queries in Loop Should Not Be Executed

This can improve the performance of the web application. There are other ways to accomplish results without executing data queries in loop. One example is the use of Query Monitor. Its debugging plug-in can spot the slow, duplicate, and flawed database queries.

Distrust User Inputs

Awareness of security threats require experienced PHP programmers to check, sort and clean user information. Built-in functions such as filter var prevents submission of invalid data when used.

It is imperative that web developers choose the appropriate PHP framework and development tool. Some of which include Zend, Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony and Laravel. There is also the need to make use of a combination of several PHP development tool for time efficient and sustainable web application.